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Tuff Paw - Product Index
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(Black) powder coated button mount
10' x 10 ' Canopy holder!
12 qt oil/fluid holder
12qt oil shelf/holder
2 bay nitrous holder
2 can holder
2 Gallon water cooler holder
2 Piece combo/oil holder,6 can holder
200 ct box of rags holder
24 qt oil/fluid cabinet
3 Bay nitrous holder
3 Shelf combo oil/aerosol holder
3" rise 4150 scoop tray
300ct box of rags holder
31" aluminum trailer step
4 bay CO2 bottle holder
4 button mount(powder coated black)
5 bay nitrous bottle holder
5 Gallon water cooler holder
5Lb Fire extinguisher holder
6 Can aerosol holder
6qt oil shelf/holder
Air accessory/tire gauge holder
Air hose holder
Aluminum drain pan
Aluminum filter insert for 3" rise trays
Aluminum Glove box
Aluminum wheel chock
Anodized Lean out valve.
Armour all wipes holder
Back door bumpers 2"
Back door bumpers with 1" spacer
Back door bumpers with 2"spacers.
Back Door Transition Plates!
Bag chair holder
Battery charger holder
Big door cabinet with towel holder
Big door cabinet without towel holder
Big extension cord holder
Big oil/aerosol combo cabinet
Broom Holder
Carb ring for 4150 carb
Carb work station for a 4150 carb!
Chassis stabilizer holder
CO2 bottle holder
D shaped leather steering wheel
D shaped wheel/button mount combo
Deluxe tool tray
Dial in board mount for 3" rise tray
Dial in board mount for flat scoop trays
Dial in board mount for junior dragsters
Double coat/hat hook
Double helmet holder with garment hanger
Double oil filter holder
Double pack of tie down holders
Drag Racing Psychology Book/CD
Dragster D shaped wheel & Black button mount(Combo)
Dragster Glove box
Dragster nose holder
Dragster roll bar mount tool tray
Dual roll duct tape hanger
Duct/electrical tape hanger
Extension cord holder
Extra large log book/information holder
Fast orange hand cleaner holder
Fire Extinguisher holder
Flat scoop tray (no holes)
Flat scoop tray for 4150 carb!
Flat scoop tray for 4500 carbs
Flat Tray Filter Insert
Flip open shelf
Floor mount aluminum jack holder
Flyer/business card holder
Fuel jug holder (holds2)
Fuel jug holder (holds3)
Fuel jug holder (holds4)
Gallon jug holder( holds 2)
Gasket holder
Gear lube holder
General purpose holder
Grill center
Holds (3) 10oz. co2 bottles
Holds 4 nitrous bottles
Holds rectangular paper towels
Jack pouch
Lawn Chair holder(holds2)
Lean out valve kit with fittings and hose
Lean out valve kit.Valve and fittings.
Leather D shaped steering wheel and 5 button mount
Leather D shaped steering wheel with 4 button mount
Leather D shaped steering wheel with 4 button mount and 2 mushroom buttons
Leather D shaped steering wheel with 5 button mount and 2 mushroom buttons
Log book holder
Mag style flashlight holder
Medium door cabinet
Mega Shelf
Oil/aerosol/small item cabinet
Paper towel holder (roll type)
Pit Mat holder
Plastic cup holder
Powerglide storage tray
Quick Change Gear Pan
Quick disconnect air fittings
Red mushroom button
Red shop towel holder
Removable air hose holder
Removable extension cord holder
Removable shelf
Roll bar work tray
Scoop tray with a 3" rise fits 4500 carbs
Scooter chock
Shoe polish holder
Single fuel jug holder
Single helmet holder with garment hanger
Single helmet holder with shelf
Single hook cap/coat hanger
Single spray bottle holder!
Small car ramps
Small ramp holder
Spare tire mount
Spark plug holder
Spark plug/silicone tray/holder
Suede D shaped steering wheel/black thread
Tie down hanger (holds 2)
Tie down hanger 12" (double pack)
Tie down holder (holds 4)
Tie down holder (holds 6)
Tie strap holder
Tool Caddy
Trash bag holder
Tread plate wheel chocks
Treadplate 12" tie down holder
Treadplate 6 can holder
Treadplate air hose holder
Treadplate air tool hanger
Treadplate cord holder(Big)
Treadplate cord holder(small)
Treadplate flashlight holder
Trick tank mount
Under the cabinet radio holder
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